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When you give, you get so much: Volunteer, Donate

  • You can help an autistic child unclench his fist for the first time – to pet his horse.

  • You can help a woman whose legs are paralyzed finally hoist herself into the saddle.

  • You can help a silent child speak at last when he tells his horse, “Walk on.”


You can, when you give yourself the gratification of volunteering with and donating to Horses with Heart.

Whether you’ve been a rider for years or never sat a horse in your life, you can help people who aren’t as fortunate as you… people with physical, social and emotional needs who discover new courage and confidence on our gentle horses.


As a volunteer, you might discover some hidden strengths of your own.

As a donor, you’ll be helping us continue our vital work, serving the Quad Cities’ special needs community and veterans.

Will you walk alongside a boy with Cerebral Palsy while he gains balance and coordination? Will you help fund rider scholarships? Will you brush horses, muck out stalls or answer phones? Say you will, and help those who need you.  

Junior Volunteers are welcome

Young volunteers also help Horses with Heart– and as a result, some of them have helped themselves into careers in special education, veterinary medicine and equine specialties.

From filling water buckets to cleaning tack to helping in the office, there are a range of tasks that juniors can do. At the same time, they’re building their community service “résumés” for higher education and scholarships.

Volunteers ages 8-11 must have supervision by a parent or guardian at all times. Those ages 12-13 must be supervised by an HwH Instructor or Adult/Teen Mentor Level Volunteer. Youngsters ages 14-18 can be Teen Mentor Level Volunteers, and those ages 16-18 can be in the Junior Instructor Training Program of PATH (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship) International.

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