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 RIDE WITH US:  All participants (parents/guardians if participant is under 18) at Horses with Heart must read and agree to the  Welcome Letter  and submit the Acknowledgement & Signature Page (page 5) and also submit a Registration Form.  An additional form is now required: Covid-19 Acknowledgement of Risk and Acceptance of Services  liability release waiver.
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HAPPY TRAILS SUMMER "CAMP": JULY 14, 15, 16  &  JULY 21, 22, 23

A riding, education and crafts program for the special needs community at Horses with Heart. Open to participants ages 6 through adult. See our Brochure and Rider Form here. If you haven't ridden with us in 2020, please also complete the Welcome Letter Form and Registration Form as well. For more information, contact Jan Grise:

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